Wrathclown Makeup

Apparently this look reminds a few people of Dr Seuss?
(Good, because I LOVE Cat in the Hat)

Most recent make uppery. I did an accompanying 'fragments' video, due to the fact my phone kept doing a freak on me and not recording.

Current creative things on the horizon: working working working on cosplay. Finally got around to ordering masks today so I must get cracking with it, although I still need a few more things. Going to have an incredibly busy Halloween this year.

There's plenty of travel photography coming up very soon which, oh my god, I am absolutely bursting with excitement about!! I actually can not wait! *dances around*

Thank you to everyone's recent encouragement with my work, and my Facebook/Flickr/Tumblr/YT etc. I don't say it enough -  I am super grateful for it. I have such an amazing group of people who support me, and I wouldn't be anywhere without it. You're all sweethearts, I hope you're all having a wonderful week, and much clownlove to you all.

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