Edinburgh (Cadies and Witchery Tour + City of the Dead Tour + Edinburgh Dungeons Reviews)

The last time we were in Scotland a few years ago, we didn't really get chance to see Edinburgh. So it was fantastic to finally go exploring, and being able to see some of the gorgeous architecture. There were many wonderful sweeping arcs of buildings, St Giles Cathedral, the monument and of course the castle (which was particularly good for views)

View from the Monument. 

The buses also stopped at 'Gorebridge'. Hooray for creepy place names.

Birthday breakfast. I wouldn't recommend this place however, as, despite their whimsical decorating, they had an open cake stand that was crawling with wasps. Eww.

Inside the gorgeous St Giles Cathedral. 

 A wall of the Thistle Chapel.

Edinburgh Castle. There was a memorial in the castle which we were unable to take photos of. It was quite modern but had a lovely ceiling.

Chimichanga time.

While we were in Edinburgh we also went on 2 separate ghost walks, which were both hilariously goofy and quirky in their own right. The Cadies and Witchery tour was worth it just for the monk. I've never seen anything quite like it. Though, I also liked the City of the Dead: Double Dead tour (Screamie award recommended, I noticed) for the particularly funny/sassy guide, and also for the fact it enabled us to go into a mausoleum near midnight - spooky indeed. I have walked around quite a few graveyards at night  with as little as just one person accompanying me, and it is always a very unnerving experience, to say the least.

Edinburgh Dungeons although obviously generic in some aspects, such as the script, has become one of my favourite Dungeons due to the sets and the emphasis on the Sawney Bean story/myth (look it up). Graphic but fascinating, definitely. I feel that the 'boat ride' was great but slightly under-utilised in terms of scare potential (I think this segment would have benefited from live actors).

On a totally positive note, I absolutely loved the adjoining cave we went into with the two actors inside. Their movement around the set was really impressive. Maybe it's been too long since visiting the other Dungeons, but I do feel that the sets in Edinburgh were on a general scale, more uniquely immersive - particularly the queue line, the cave and the Burke and Hare graveyard. The mirror maze at the end seemed a little abrupt, but overall the actors were more into their roles, and it was a better experience.

I really enjoyed my time here. Definitely worth a visit, you could easily spend a month or so just discovering new things.

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