Hereford (01.09.14)


I wanted to do a little photo update since I've been offline for a while, so here are our adventures from yesterday.

I went down with a friend and we had a picnic in front of the cathedral, which is also home to the Chained Library (couldn't take any pictures of that, sadly, but they had the original copy of Dante's Inferno there). The River Wye had some absolutely beautiful reflections as you can see, and the weather was gorgeous. We also went into a couple of other churches and around the town hall (were also allowed to go into the Mayor's Chamber, which was really surreal). The picture of the glass dome in the ceiling was taken lying down in the Mayor's Chamber.

Turns out being busy is really crazy, and I barely have time to edit all of my photos on top of the work I'm currently doing (plus reading). So the Italy posts might be a little delayed until... heaven knows when, although I will keep uploading what I can to Facebook.

How have you Stitchearts been doing? 

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