Italy (Venice and Verona)

So a week or so ago I returned from travelling to Italy and just got around to editing some more images and I'm currently compiling a short video of bits I recorded wandering around the streets.

Below is a selection of some of the lovely things we saw!

Basilica San Marco

Near the Bridge of Sighs

In the Courtyard of Doge's Palace.

Doge's Palace. They had some incredibly ornate ceilings and beautiful artwork in the apartments, but security was tight regarding taking pictures.

Really wanted one of these cat puppets but they were crazy expensive!

On a water taxi.

Kitties in Libreria Acqua Alta!! (Made me really miss Tiggy ba)


The Erotica section was pretty funny.

Coconut and liquorice gelato (IT WAS AWESOME)

The wall of love letters! (I may or may not have left one for Otis). There were some post it notes left encouraging self love too that made me smile ^-^

Weird mannequin heads in Verona.

Giusti Gardens.

Train back from Verona.

Dinner on the Grand Canal.

Returning home.

Places we visited while we were there - Doge's Palace & Apartments, the Campanile, two Basilicas, the Rialto Bridge, Juliet's Balcony (the wall of love locks and letters), and Giusti Gardens, to mention most. Exploring random backstreets and alleys was my favourite part of the holiday, though. Such incredible & timeless sights to see around every corner! They tell you that you haven't experienced Venice unless you've gotten lost there (and it's true!).

Good news, I recently changed up my blog theme again as I wasn't happy with it, but I will be emigrating to my own website later this year.

What have you been working on, Stitchearts? 

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