The Court of Blades Masks

Today I completed a set of the Court of Blades masks (from the Fable game series). This is a fictional demonic court originating from the Void (and still reigning over it as far as we know), consisting of Jack of Blades, Knight of Blades and the Queen of Blades. Since Jack is one of my all time favourite villains, I decided to pay homage to him again (after my Jack of Blades make up which I did in 2011).

Someone has already asked me if I do masks to order, and the answer is I most certainly can do commissions if you want! :) 

I will also be attempting a tutorial on how I did the masks & a couple of other things later this year. So for those who asked, bear with me, it's in the works!

Much love and thank you for all your kind comments.

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