York Minster (21.09.14)

This weekend I finally went right to the top of York minster with a good friend (since I also wanted them to see the Minster and the amazing architecture/cherubs with funny faces). Since we went later in the day we accidentally happened upon evensong. Everywhere smelled like incense and we got to listen to a wonderful choir (so it was like being in Fable a little bit!). It was very atmospheric, but sadly they didn't allow recordings of it.

Here's the beautiful half way point. 

At the top. You can't really see it but the little dark blob to the left side of the picture is a hot air balloon!

We also went to Byrons - American diner type place, which was under construction the last time I walked past it 6 or so months ago. It was great although not entirely cheap, but, decent milkshakes and burgers!

I'll upload more pictures onto my photography page next week.

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