Jack of Blades Cosplay & MCM Expo London.

Cosplay and MCM Expo post! (tutorials and such will be posted separately)

Since I've already posted the pictures I took of cosplayers on Abinormal Photography and Troubled Child Inc, please feel free to tag yourselves etc and also let me know if you'd like an unwatermarked version.

This year was the debut of my first Jack of Blades costume, one of my biggest villain loves. In case you don't know who he is (!!! first off, go play Fable: TLC, now!), Jack is the demonic antagonist of the very first Fable game.

Back in 2011 I did a Jack of Blades make up that has been one of my most popular works to date. But this year I decided to go the whole hog and do a full Jack cosplay, (plus a few people told me I should have put my make up on an actual mask, so). Here it is!

Photography by Rkidz-kun Magister on Facebook

An earlier shot while the cosplay was still in progress.

Thank you to Cat for this picture.

This was my first time at London Comic Con, which was absolutely huge in comparison to Manchester (apparently record breaking in attendance this time), so much cool stuff... which meant I came away with pirate alpacas, ears, and other exciting things. Saw innumerable superb cosplays over the weekend so well done to everyone, it was an overwhelming event with overwhelming effort put in all around. Special mention to my tumblr friend and his humanized Smiler gang!

Credit to MCM Buzz for these pictures.  

It was also my first time doing a Masquerade... which was absolutely terrifying, but I'm so glad I didn't back out of it in the end! There were some lovely people backstage (a few just as nervous as me) that made the waiting a lot less scary, infinite thanks guys! Congrats to those who were judged that won, it was well deserved. I can say that absolutely everyone that went on that day looked stunning. :-)

Accompanying me to London MCM Expo was the Cat in the Hat, so again thank you to all the wonderful people who said hello and wanted their picture with us. (Hagrid didn't, we wanted a picture with him :-p )

Was featured in a few videos too, one of them I haven't found yet that had someone going around cosplayers doing a 360 degree shot of them? But thank you to the lady who filmed me, and to everyone else. 

I finally met up with another member of the extended Jack family who was at Manchester MCM Expo 2013, Purgey's Bits and Bobs. Kindly lent me his wonderfully made Sword of Aeons (also seen in the second picture of this post). Unfortunately I apparently missed a few more Jacks which is sad, but I'm super excited there seems to be growing numbers in Jack/Fable cosplayers - he and the series need more love! 

All in all it was a fantastic, fun (although slightly stressful) event, and has made me more passionate about doing costumes for future cons. Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive while I've been working on this project, and to the people who made this trip possible. I'm extremely grateful, and still in shock how many amazing things have happened this last month! Thank you to my family, friends and supporters for making it so. 

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