Whitby Goth Weekend November 2014

This is the first post of several updates since I've been ridiculously busy throughout October (and probably will continue to be with essay work for the next few weeks). Upcoming is An Evening with Noel Fielding review, MCM Expo posts & my Jack of Blades costume (I have uploaded a short video showing a brief progression of how it was made), Gaga, Sketchy's, the Illuminations, York Maze Hallowscream and a couple of photo posts here and there. To anyone who could make any of the above events I hope you had an amazing time!

Whitby this time was great fun as always meeting up with lovely people, eating chips, seeing Voltaire and finally making it to the 80's night in the Shambles. Sadly didn't get any pictures out and about this time as I decided to take a break from event photography for most of October. We do have pictures with Voltaire, so I will update this post as soon as I have them.

At the Pavilion, the only complaints would have to be that Hugh Cornwell overran massively on his time slot. I've noticed it wasn't just myself and Indigestible Biscuits who were annoyed about this (and we didn't even hear Golden Brown). Quite a few people missed Voltaire due to how late he was subsequently on at 1am - organizers, please remember that not everyone is there to see musicians who aren't even classified as Goth.

Also, the bridge on Saturday was an absolute mess - completely jam packed, people forced to walk in the road. Some sort of policing should be put in place for the next event.

Onto the looks for this weekend, along with a few shots with IB!

Gothcat #1

With Indigestible Biscuits/Lady Dave

Dusk the Clown

Taken by Davy Ellis

Gothcat #2

This picture seems to be all over the show at the moment! There was apparently also some captions associating me with the "controversy of taking pictures in the graveyard", but I'll have to clarify reality for a second since journalists like to stir the pot. There has actually been no issue with just having pictures taken in the graveyard. I specifically asked all photographers that weekend not to request me posing on gravestones, due to the fact there has been controversy having pictures taken leaning and sitting on them. :p

All in all this has been a really wild month on the creative front. So thank you so much to everyone who was involved, helped to make it possible, and such a successful/enjoyable one.
Lots of Gothcat love xxxx


  1. Hugh Cornwell's set massively overrunning was a major problem with the Saturday evening; the organisers are usually better organised than that and it was a major disappointment for my girlfriend that she missed Voltaire due to it. While I enjoyed Hugh Cornwell's set I do think a four song encore was excessive. What I did see of Voltaire's set was highly enjoyable.

    1. Prankster Dragon, it was really disappointing and I am sorry to hear your gf missed Voltaire - he was great fun once he got onstage.