2015 Update and The Crawler Make Up

Phew! Happy new year everyone! Hope you all had wonderful holidays. And what an exciting new year this will be, creatively and otherwise.

Apologies for the lack of writing over the holidays, unfortunately I've had a lot of uni work, a commission art piece, and also had a few issues with my camera. Thankfully before my camera freaked out, I managed to do the first new make up for the year (bar the Dr Sketchy's Into the Woods shoot I helped out with).

The Crawler wasn't the best Fable villain, but I'm still fond of him and the music for Shadelight. This make up art is edited, I sadly don't have completely black eyes or a Crawler crown (yet. Possible cosplay?)

Shots in progress.

That aside, I have been hard at work (already) on a cosplay planned for MCM Expo in October which I'm mega excited about. I regularly update any cosplay progress now on my Facebook page rather than on here. I'm also currently working on an illustration for an article in Hardzine/Hard Magazine.

This is also going to be a really exciting year for Dr Sketchy's York who I volunteer with. The next upcoming event this week is Alice in Undieland (!!) but there are so many fantastic themes coming up (I can't wait!).

How are you guys doing? What are you all excited for this year? xx

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