Whitby Goth Weekend April 2015 + Outfits.

Whitby this April seemed somewhat dead in terms of people milling about. Probably due to the extreme British rainy weather, and alas there were not many pictures of my clown get up on the Saturday (cue my own crazy pictures. Hohoho). I've been so busy I forgot to post my outfits for this April, so here they are... plus other pictures.

I was in the Guardian from a picture taken in the sunny Sunday morning, and I did very much enjoy the weekend with my favourite people (plus mead, and Sleepy Hollow).

Of course, after we arrived we did the most goth thing possible and wandered around the church and Abbey by night. 2sp00py4u.

I'm getting progressively better blending, I will get there one day xD

*excited noises*

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