MUA Work Update

So, time for a mahoosive update concerning what I've been doing make up wise thus far.

A few months back, I managed to get through the Portal games when I wasn't too busy writing/revising. VTM:B I've already done a glowing review for, which I played last year.  In case you all already didn't know I am a huge, HUGE TES fan (even though I know the ears aren't really accurate to Dunmer... I just wanted to wear them) and my character is usually Dunmer, although I played Nord in Skyrim just for a change. Recently I've also joined the FNAF bandwagon because I enjoy the backstory and watching people play it. 

In light of all this, all of these games I felt deserved homages in make up art form. :D

I did Wheatley because he's an embarrassingly dorky and funny villain. Portal 2 was thankfully a much bigger game, but also a lot more emotional, and I think what they did with GLaDOS was really mean!! My feelings don't need hammering into the floor like that, Valve.  It took me such a long time to get around to playing the Portal games as, I really didn't think it would be something I would enjoy, but they were actually a lot of fun to get through. Of course there is the obligatory mention about the soundtrack which is actually pretty great (in fact some songs sound exactly like an old Angelspit instrumental).  This image is edited just so you know, as always, in regards to my eyes. Purchasing sclera lenses is incredibly risky even with a prescription (as larger lenses can and do starve your eye of oxygen) and I just don't think it's worth risking your eyesight.

I do love GLaDOS and would have done a make up for her, but she's the most overdone character of the series besides Chell. Would definitely need to take time to come up with an original concept for her humanised look (since there are already so many amazing humanised versions).

I did also start on some humanised Wheatley fanart, but this has been put on the backburner until Arthas is done!  

Dunmer/night elf make up done entirely with eyeshadow. The tikka chain is from New Look, and eventually I hope to do an original cosplay design themed around this look.

Taken on my phone on the left without editing, on my camera on the right. Done for a Happy Easter post where I was originally just going to post a picture of Bonnie. I admit the only reason I didn't do Foxy is because Bonnie was more appropriate for Easter, and I definitely have something Foxy related on the cards. 

Pisha is another underrated character of a very underrated series. I've seen many people cosplay Jeanette, but very few giving Pisha much love. Unlike quite a lot of the other characters of different clans, she isn't rude about your background as a vampire (although I must admit I love sassy Gary Golden despite the fact he hates Toreadors). She is gruesomely powerful and dangerous, the whole mission involving her was just fab, creepy, and it's a shame she wasn't more involved in the main plotline.

Both of these looks I did with black eyeshadow from a palette I got from Amazon (it says "Fash" on it). The blood on the Pisha make up I am really happy with how it turned out, as I couldn't find any fake zombie blood left over, so I did all the spatters by hand with a lip brush and black/red lipstick plus eyeshadow. The rest of the detailing was done with a liquid eyeliner pen and a 'felt tip' eyeliner pen.  

The blue lipstick in the Wheatley make up really is that bright in real life, by NYX cosmetics which I did a little review of on Facebook (and was subsequently eaten up by fb). Basically the two lipsticks I got are very bright and a great alternative to Lime Crime's Oh No She Didn't, considering that both a) they are half the price and b) you don't run the risk of having your bank details being compromised. 

Since everyone was going nuts about the Velvetines, I went out of my way to find a similar lipstick/stain to Cashmere. The one I'm wearing here is Maybelline's Superstay 24 in 615 and I absolutely love it, I wear it all the time and it does actually stay on without giving me some crazy allergic reaction. 

I'm also wearing some Lash/Collection eyelashes here (can't remember which one), and the glue provided is just. Do not bother. I thought I could get away with cheaper lashes than Eyelure but the adhesive is so bad that the price difference just wasn't worth it. XD

Apart from a few blending practises here and there, that has been all so far! :) 

Well,  plus a bruise make up test!

Two separate make up tests, 2nd was after feedback but still need practise with a bruise wheel I think.

 :) xxx

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