Ulbandi Cosplay & Manchester Comic Con 2015

It's been a long while since I put some creative updates on here, I can't believe it's already August!! In all honesty I've been very busy with exams and then further research/my current creative project up until this point (and I should really be sleeping right now D: ...). Fortunately I can report all is going well given the effort.

Besides studying, I'm currently working like mad on a cosplay build which you can see on my recently renamed Ulbandi Cosplays fb page. Sadly I had to scrap Troubled Child Inc. as it no longer relates to where I'm going with my creative endeavours. "Ulbandi" is named after a (badass ogress) lady villain that was written out of the Silmarillion. Which is a shame because the reason she was, is that Tolkien scrapped the idea of the Vala having kids... and why couldn't she just have been her own autonomous character than a Balrog binski maker? Grrr.

Anyhoo, this project also details my first time working with worbla. Which, now I've gotten stuck into it quite sufficiently I can say, just as a preface to my pending review, is not a beginner's material as it is being advertised. I've gotten used to using it (and I'm pretty proud of what I've managed to do) but it's been a struggle. I have a lot to comment on, but that shall come when the finished product is complete. This has been an extremely challenging build, but I'm really happy with how it looks so far and am super excited to show it off :D

In the meantime, I recently went to Manchester Comic Con which is, as usual, not particularly fantastic as an event in terms of organisation. But! We did have fun, I did get to see two whole new rooms I had no idea about, and I did end up doing 2 new cosplays that I'd put together in the background (with help in regards to the latter), Mom Lalonde and Ramona Flowers :D

Oh yeah, I didn't mention that I've since played Witcher (and the Portal games) and GERAAALT! GERALT! GERALT!  <3 (and RED/Atari? The female to male nudity ratio is shocking. Get it sorted.)

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