Recent Photography & York Snickelways

Photography stuff has been thin on the ground besides mostly taking pictures of my make up and cosplays, as I've been too busy with Arthas to spend time editing. There is something exciting coming up very soon however...  but I can't say what! ;) .

Saying that, I do regularly use my Instagram.  I also went to the beautiful Liverpool Cathedral in March (can't believe it's already that long ago!).

It was really, really windy and rainy at the top and we were totally freaking out when I took this picture hahah.

A couple of months ago, I also went out to take pictures of York's Snickelways, which was for a voluntary "exhibition on the Snickelways" (well, it was advertised through my uni's photography group as that). It turns out the organizer of this exhibition omitted this was for her own work experience, and would not answer me or provide me with any evidence she'd actually used my work (and was really rude about it too!). Sooo, I shall exhibit here instead ;)

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