Lich King Cosplay

I've not had chance to finish a full write up regarding construction and MCM Expo yet, so I figured I would post some of the pictures I got back of the finished cosplay. Still can't believe it's done! Thank you so much to everyone I met at MCM Expo, spoke to me, that I had pictures with and who had pictures with me, to all the lovely people who have supported me and for all the kind words about this build. You're all wonderful. :D

This is my Lich King cosplay from London MCM Expo October 2015. Still haven't managed to find any recordings of the Masquerade on Sunday but there apparently should be one coming up!

Photo by Sarah Tsang on MCM Buzz's website

Manga Girl Photography.

Photo by Lazywong on Instagram

Photo credit: Sarah Tsang.

Credit to FragRadio for the photo. 

I couldn't find the post where I took this picture from on MCM Expo, but will update here when I find it again! 

Death Knight Arthas on Fri/Sat

Sandy Smith Photography.

From Bleedingcool. :) 

Any other pictures are on my Facebook page, Ulbandi Cosplay. All the photos I've put up here I absolutely love, so thank you so much to everyone who took them!

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