MCM Expo London 2015 Review

My Lich King/Arthas Menethil cosplay for MCM Expo October 2015.

This is the first of a couple of posts regarding MCM and the construction of my LK. To begin, I'm going to start with a little summary of what MCM Expo was like this time.

I met a lot of lovely people who all looked totally amazing. Lots of people have been so wonderfully kind about my costume, took my picture, let me take pictures of them and I am super grateful for it. Big thank you and hugs all around to all of you. :) You made everything worth it and the event welcoming and so much fun.

Huge congrats to everyone that participated and won prizes at the masquerade. Pretty much no one was rude or creepy, except one unusual guy (who was more humorous than anything) that asked me if I played WoW... but didn't recognise WoW as being an abbreviation of Warcraft. Oh, and you guys at the Warcraft stand were awesome... but clearly you're lacking in Scourge merch. :p

Glory to the Scourge!!!

If anyone finds this article and I spoke to you, please drop me a message on Ulbandi Cosplay as I've been struggling to find everyone I met, and it would be awesome to keep in touch and support your work (if you lovely folks have pages).

MCM London wasn't as bad as previous years in terms of organisation with the masquerade. The organisers got back to me very quickly without me needing to email first, and verified I'd submitted what I needed to, unlike the year before (the person I contacted was extremely rude).

We were on stage a lot quicker than last October and I also managed to sit down + drink water which was extremely helpful. Everyone was super friendly in the masquerade queue as always, was great admiring and hearing about how you all made your costumes. The stage was a lot bigger, and so was the audience but, surprisingly I felt like I did a better job on stage this time.

The entry wristbands were a bit of a nuisance as we were required to keep them on our left wrist, which for me was covered up the majority of the time with multiple pieces of armour and gloves (which were a real struggle to get back on in such a poorly ventilated building). Thankfully the security guards were kind on me most times I passed them.

My main bugbear with MCM Expo since last year has been the increase in ticket prices and the implementation of not being able to buy tickets on the door (and removing anyone on the grounds without a wristband). £50 for weekend entry is extortionate when cosplayers effectively make the event - on top of the prices of hotels and travel costs.

It's disappointing to see other cosplayers bashing cosplayers for complaining about the changes, as, first of all, we as paying customers have every right to have a say. Secondly, it's unreasonable to assume everyone can just afford £50 for a weekend entry (to what is effectively a giant market, with little else to do without paying more), let alone being pressured to pay in advance. All these changes have shown is a lack of respect for the people who invest so much time and effort to make the event amazing with their cosplays, for absolutely nothing.

We weren't walking around as much as last year, given LK is really heavy, and took about 2/3 hours to get on each day. After wearing this, believe me, you will not have to worry about shoulder presses for at least a month, because it does the job for you. The costume held up surprisingly well despite a few alterations I had to make with the inner shoe spikes which kept chipping off (but I will give them their due, they stayed on pretty well for most of the day). The helmet was also not easily accommodated by the pauldrons, and unfortunately I did not have enough time to work on elevating it more so it would cause as little interference as possible. Something to work on for the future.

We stayed at the Ibis this time which turned out to be extremely convenient, had a hairdryer and kettle for noodles and soap and everything. Essentials covered! It was such a relief being able to walk out of the hotel and be around 5 mins away from the entrance of ExCel, and likewise a short walk away from being able to take the armour off. Everything was genuinely great except idiots making an elongated racket at 2/3am on the Sunday morning.

With the lovely Rachel. I mean. SYLVANAS... DIE!!!

So, while this was an improvement on last year, I'm definitely looking to attend more locally situated cons in this coming year when I have completed one of my next cosplays.

Did any of you guys go to cons this year?

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