Killstar & New Look Reviews

Instead of doing a haul post, I thought I would write two reviews; one of a really good experience I had with New Look's customer service, and my experience with the popular alt clothing company, Killstar.

So, if you've exposed to the recent gawth scene on Tumblr/Instagram, Killstar has been a trendy brand for ages. I absolutely love some of the designs even though they are arguably very commercial now, so I decided to get something from them. I've seen a lot of people wearing their stuff and heard near enough only glowing things about them, and so I ended up purchasing a Rune racerback vest from the sale which was marked down.

Now, I was already aware this was meant to be oversized, but just so you understand why I'm dissatisfied - here's an image from the site, and a picture of how it hangs on me from the side. I am not going to put up any front or back pictures, as when I sit the top where it is supposed to be on my shoulders, it shows way too much. But you get the idea - it looks like a sack.

Now, problem one, there is no image of the vest on a model. The only other basis of comparison is the Racerback dress, which hangs properly on the model's torso. I was told this was a completely different cut, and I could not find images of anyone wearing this style of top online so I think this is a really bad representation of how this sits/looks in real life.

When I addressed how different this looks and how the image on the site was a misrepresentation, whoever replied would only offer an exchange or a refund in store credit. Either option meant you would have to pay for signed delivery and packaging to return it, as there is nothing provided in your order to return the item.

Since this was a size medium, and hangs off me like a sack, it completely negated the point of me exchanging the item given the minimal measurement difference in a small (which was all that was left in the sale). So in short, it was not worth the trouble of returning it, and I am probably going to alter this so it fits me when I have time, as I absolutely adore the pattern.

Moving onto New Look, which has been mostly hit over miss, but the customer service was so good in my last order I had to write about it.

So I recently ordered quite a few things from New Look. I had issues with two items that I ordered due to the quality of product/wrong item, was immediately refunded for the mistakes and sent a voucher which I was really surprised at and thought was great of the customer service team.

Other than the fact there was a mistake in what was sent to me, I always love my stuff from New Look. I have a new pair of black lace up ankle boots from them which I now wear all the time. Apart from an air pocket in the sole of the left boot (which seems to be a problem with all of their boots) they are a great fit, really comfortable and I just know like the other pair of boots I had from them - I will wear them until the soles fall off.

The other things I got from them was a faux leather skirt, a faux leather biker jacket, new hoodie, a jumper with the moon cycle on the front, some jeggings (which are so comfy/the best thing ever if you hate the feel of skinny jeans), and a really cute crop top that has crossover straps at the back. I've also got a pair of flats pictured above, which have been a lifesaver for making a quit exit in since my block's fire alarm has continually been going off at early hours of the morning. All of these items have literally become my wardrobe staples since I got them, and they all fit really well. A lot of them were discounted and on sale, and the item that I had a problem with wasn't! So it was a successful purchase overall.

So yes, in case you are wondering... I would totally recommend NL for your alternative staples or otherwise as they not only deal with complaints excellently, but also their delivery is always really reliable.


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