Daily Makeups 2015/6

 In favour of practising doing makeups more suitable for everyday wear, I've not done many clown or horror make ups as of late. It was one of my main goals over the past couple of years to get better at blending, contouring and... the whole hang of the 'glam' make up thing. While I've still got a long way to go, I'm happy with the progress I've made. 

 I've been inspired a lot by It's Black Friday and CosmobyHaley, so I invested in both learning a bunch of new techniques, and tried out a fair bit of new make up, which I will try and review for you all below. And of course, there shall be lots of pictures. Hopefully this will be helpful in some capacity! As always, if I've missed anything by accident and you'd like to ask any questions, please do. :-)

 Here goes the progression of my daily make ups from last November; good, not so brilliant, and everything in between.... schoom! 

Also the first time I tried to do panda buns... which just sunk into normal ones. On a positive note, I feel like my Toreador VTMB character here.

To begin, the majority of the eyeshadows I've used for this makeup, and near enough all my older makeups, are contained within a palette by Fash from Amazon. So I'll be mentioning that a fair bit! Tragically, after nearly 5 years of using it I had to throw it away the other week. But, it lasted quite well and it was reasonably priced for the quality.

My main eyeliner is, and always has been, Collection 2000 Fast Dry black liquid eyeliner (pictured above) as it's been the best for staying put. However, I am still on the hunt for something more friendly for sensitive eyes. Mascara used for all of these looks is L'Oreal's False Lash Superstar.

The ombre lips are a mix of Barry M's black and red lipsticks, both which I've had for a long time. This particular make up also marks me starting to villainify my eyebrows, which I recommend - purely on the basis to look more intimidating. Crazy angular villain brows are great.

Petroleum essay-moodiness theme. Green and blue/black eyeshadow are from the Fash palette, and I am wearing offbrand purple lipstick.

MAC's Morange. Had this lipstick for a long time, camera can never quite get the pigment but it's a brilliant neon orange. My foundation here is Bourjois Healthy glow, and was before I invested in a good blending sponge, highlighter, blush etc. Since learning more about it, I would definitely agree using a sponge and highlighting/defining your face makes all the difference - mainly as it makes application a whole lot easier and more even.


OCC Lip Tar in Rollergirl. Got this in the holiday sale as part of a Purple Reign bundle. I don't really know what to say about this particular product, as the pigment is absolutely gorgeous but it's so sticky/impractical to wear outside when it's windy (long hair nightmare), and tends to rub off really quickly. Wore this out recently and it was mostly gone in the space of about an hour walking into town. Boo. 

The gold and brown eyeshadow is in Collection's Face the Day palette, and I used a No7 blending brush for this look and all the following eyeshadows. If you are looking for a good quality blending brush, No.7 deliver.

Overfilled Barbie ombre lips, done with Barry M's neon pink lipstick and Rollergirl OCC Lip tar. These two blend so nicely but I rarely wear pink make up. As you can see, I was and still am a bit iffy about the fact I have so much neon pink on my face. 

Schwing black liquid eyeliner! Tried this out over using Collection 2000, and despite its awesome name, unfortunately the product reacts to my eyes when trying to wipe it off. I am also wearing MAC Cosmetics Cyber lipstick here which is a very lovely dark purple, and was recommended for a long time as one of The Lipsticks to Have. Sadly I'm not actually as big of a fan of Cyber as I expected; it's got a noticeable tacky-almost-sludgy feeling to it, and the application is not fantastic. Did they change the formula or something? As I've noticed MAC's BB creme has become progressively ickier too. 

Lizardy green/black blend. The eyeshadows are part of Fash palette, black lipstick is by Barry M. Liquid liner is ye old faithful Collection 2000 black liquid eyeliner. 


My look for New Year's. Now this makes me miss doing clown make up. OCC's Rollergirl again, plus black shadow from Fash's palette.

NYX's Copenhagen back at it again. As you can see here with the dots-mania, the Collection eyeliner is the best for doing intricate eye make up, I've found. 

Mettaton inspired make up. Can I please marry him already...? 
The pink gradient on the lower lip is a mixture of OCC's Lovecraft lip tar and Barry M's neon pink lipstick. In this look I also used a silver Scandaleyes liquid eyeshadow by Rimmel, which is an interesting product, but creasing/cracking is an issue on the lid. 

Doing detailed/character style eye make up with fiddly accents is a lot easier with an angled eyeshadow brush and a detail brush. 

Sugarpill's Cold Chemistry eyeshadow palette and LA Splash's Lip Tint Mousse in Komodo. I absolutely adore Amy Doan/Shrinkle, so I was super excited to try out her make up brand - particularly Cold Chemistry, as it's a collaboration between her and also Amelia Arsenic (who I've loved to bits for many many years when she started out in Angelspit). Needless to say... it's amazing and the pigments are all so good!

La Splash Lip Tint Mousse in Spellbound. This colour looks absolutely lush and is a really deep brown. Along with Komodo, I love it, but they both tend to flake off at the inner lip pretty badly. So if you're a pirate/vodka aunt and are downing hard spirits from the bottle you will need to reapply. ;)

Revolution's Colour Crazy palette from Superdrug. I've used this for 3 looks so far and I'm absolutely loving it. For the price, the pigments are fantastic and I always get compliments on the colour payoff. 

Same look but with both NYX Cosmetics' Transylvania matte lip cream for nighttime, and Maybelline's 24hr Superstay lipstick in Soft Taupe for the day. I absolutely adore the Superstay, it's literally a godsend for staying put. Cannot sing it's praises enough for being a) a gorgeous colour, and b) a total nightmare to get off. It does its job. 

The NYX Cosmetics lip creams, on the whole, are messy, but I still enjoy wearing them. They feel totally unnoticeable on, Copenhagen's pigment in particular is gorgeous and I pretty much wear it all the time. Was quite happy with my actual foundation/highlighting here as it looks so much better blended with a sponge.

Lolita-ish look. Sugarpill's Cold Chemistry/Elemental Chaos eyeshadow and Spellbound lip mousse strikes again. The colour combination reminds me of a Dairy Milk bar. Mmm.

NYC's Copenhagen, Collection 2000 black eyeliner and black eyeshadow is from Fash palette. The one day I decided to do tiny lips instead of overfilling. It's not impossible to sculpt your lips with the NYX applicator/wand but I will say it's a challenge, so I use (and would recommend) a lip brush instead.


Cafe date make up. Can you tell I really like the Sugarpill palette? Diamond Eyes and Elemental Chaos are the best. I've noticed this is also the first eyeshadow I've been able to put directly on my waterline without my eyes rejecting it.

Night out make up shot feat. me and my delightful frand. Wearing Spellbound again here. You can semi see that it has worn away at the inner part of my lip, but this was taken post night out (and is the only shot I have, apologies). Angular eyebrows forever. Side note, this was a stellar night, there was a geek night on in town and  they played Death by Glamour, plus Spooky Scary Skeletons... and all manner of other aural delights.

Beetlejuice makeup. I've used Barry M black lipstick again here, the stripes were painstakingly drawn on with Collection 2000 liquid eyeliner. The purple and blue eyeshadow used on the cut crease is from the Fash palette (really?). Actually super pleased with how this look turned out. I find doing cut creases (and following most eye make up tutorials) particularly challenging, as my eyelids are quite hooded, so I have to wing where to define my eye.

Your Very Average Thursday look. Lipstick is MAC's Cyber, and the blue eyeshadow is from the Fash Palette.

Gawth night look. LA Splash Smitten Lip Tint Mousse in Komodo. Green eyeshadow is from the Fash palette and the highlighted parts/waterline are done with Sugarpill's Diamond Eyes eyeshadow.

Casual essay procrastination make up, done with NYX's Copenhagen, Collection 2000 liquid black eyeliner, and Collection's 'Face the Day' contouring palette.

So, I didn't really get any good detail shots of this particular make up again, because I was far too merry and only took these 2 photos. Done with Revolution's Colour Chaos palette, Collection's Face the Day palette, Maybelline's Superstay and the false lashes were super cheap Boots's own. The eyelash glue lasted all night despite my manic flailing/general carelessness, so I was mega impressed. 

For this look, Barry M Dazzle dust is the red loose pigment I've used here (which I still struggle a bit with the application of), the black eyeshadow was again from the Cold Chemistry palette, and the lips were a blend of both NYX Cosmetics' Copenhagen and Transylvania. Mixing it up, y'all! Wig is from Cutesykink, who I have shopped with before and would really recommend them.

Cut crease make up. Sugarpill's Diamond Eyes + Elemental Chaos and Collection's liquid liner. Lip mousse is LA Splash Cosmetics' Spellbound.

Thanks for reading! I will do another collective post later this year, but so far I've had fun with more 'low-key' make up experimentation. Have you folks been doing any of your own make up related projects? 

Hope you've all had a great weekend :)

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