Prague, Part 1.

Was just looking through my old travel posts and realised I'd not done any for the 2 places I travelled to last year (what the!), one of which is the amazing city of Prague. 

Truthfully I didn't know a lot about Prague, other than that it was a nice place to visit for architecture. So I didn't really have many expectations before I arrived. 

 Lo and behold, it turned out to be one of the most beautiful places I've ever visited. 
Even though we didn't plan anything in advance, we had great fun every day and were never short of things to do. 

Some of the things we got chance to do included (but not exclusive to) seeing Prague Palace, St Vitus' Cathedral, had absinthe, there's a torture museum (there was also a torture chamber in the palace - yippee!), a spooky ghost attraction that semi went underground, a medieval restaurant night with belly dancers and unlimited wine (dangerous, indeed), we went on a river boat by night, and we also visited these really lovely shops that sell intricately decorated gingerbread cookies. It was amazing.

Honestly, you could wander about every day just looking at how stunning Prague is even without going into any attractions at all. But my photographic narrative begins on the night we arrived, which promptly started in the hotel bar and moved across St Wenceslas' Square to Barrock. 

On the advent of any travelling, I always end up with way too many photos for one post. So I will divide this into a few.

Barrock! Does decent ginger based cocktails.

St Wenceslas Square at night.

Lost the name of  this church! (will be updated).

It wouldn't be travelling unless we ended up somewhere very high or in an imposing church/cathedral. High views a-go!


And local cuisine...

Delightful garliccy soup. It was possible to eat this whole bread bowl, but it was a bit too cake-like for my taste.

Goulash is nice! Not really keen on the dumplings, but they were interesting to try. 

Absinthe (including absinthe flavoured ice cream) = exceeded expectations, particularly if you like fennel. The hardened alcoholic on our team couldn't neck it in one go, so it's confirmed this really is a drink to be enjoyed at a leisurely pace.

Inside the Palace.

One of the two absinthe bars we found.

Glitchy silhouette of the castle.

And I've been recommending it to everyone ever since! Hopefully will go back one day - such a beautiful place. 

Have any of you lovelies been to Prague? 

Other shots will be on my photography page, Abinormal Photography. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read this! x

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