Gary Golden VTMB Make Up

Hola comrades! Busy, busy, busy few months, there has been a lot of cosplay progression and have spent a lot of time doing other work too, which has included more VTM:B make up! Yay! This is also the first time (exc. applying elf ears) that I've worked with prosthetics/liquid latex and am still getting the hang of it.

Following Pisha & Jeanette, it only seemed right to finally dedicate a makeup to my absolute favourite sasspants from Bloodlines, Gary Golden.  

"Spaghetti and corpses, boss"

For this make up I used a Mehron bald cap, a Vampire Forehead prosthetic and Elf Ear Tips which were all applied with mastix. Then I used Ben Nye's Liquid Latex for Sensitive Skin to blend the edges, which was a bit tricky.  I then applied green Snazaroo paint over my entire head, used white Snazaroo paint for the highlights, and the shading was done with both black Snazaroo paint and black eyeshadow. Eyes are edited!

The teeth are from Moonstruck Effects (only wearing the top set in the picture above), which were troublesome to mould properly and I'm still not 100% happy with the fit. 
Overall I had a lot of fun with this look, though, and am pleased with how it turned out since it was my first go at working with prosthetics. As always, I highly recommend VTM:B if you've never played it before.  

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any questions or would like to see more make-up/cosplay work or any other creative endeavours, I am on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram :) 

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