Pokemon Daily Makeups

A few months back I had an idea to do a Haunter themed make up, which turned out to be quite popular, so I've tried to keep up doing them every so often.

I've always really enjoyed doing themed daily/eye make ups (particularly in the style of different villains), and following Haunter I've done Gastly, Arbok and Umbreon themed looks. Haunter is my absolute favourite, although I tend to veer towards Poison/Ghost type Pokemon (as you can see) & they work especially well for dark/gothic looks. ;)

The eyeshadows used in these looks are mostly from Revolution's Colour Clash Palette, Fash eyeshadow palette, and/or Sugarpill's Cold Chemistry palette. I use either NYX Cosmetics' liquid eyeliner or Collection 2000 Fast Stroke black liquid eyeliner for detailing. 

Lip colour is NYX Cosmetics'  Liquid Suede Cream in Sway.

 Lip colour here is Barry M's black Lip Paint. 

Lip colour is a muted down LA Splash Cosmetics' Lip Couture in Criminal. 

Lip colour here is NYX Cosmetics' Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen.

I do have the next few planned, but would love to hear if there are any particular looks/Pokemon you folks would like to see?  

Thank you so much for reading, lovely people! Will be doing another make up post similar to what I did earlier this year with a general overview of what I've learned, new products I've tried out etc. 
If you have any questions or would like to see any more of my make up, cosplay or artwork I am also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. :) 

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