HorrorCon UK 2017

On Saturday 13th May, I ventured out to HorrorCon UK for the first time go and meet Elvira! One of my (and probably every goth/horror enthusiast's) absolute biggest inspirations. Originally I wasn't going to dress up for this con, but I figured since I hadn't clowned up in forever, why not!

This time the event was held in Magna Science Adventure Centre (where GNG Entertainment's scare attraction Bunker 13 had previously been held, way back in 2011). Was interesting to see it during the day!

Since I only went to meet Elvira and have a quick look around for the one day, my overall verdict was; similar market stall layout to most comic & cosplay conventions, albeit much cooler stuff and amazing guests. Sadly, I missed Sid Haig this time who was also there, but there was definitely a wide and more interesting range of things to do & look at.

There were film screenings, Q&A's with the guests, the "Scareplay" competition very similar to a cosplay masquerade, horror/paranormal related talks. Even though I didn't end up buying anything I loved the variety of stalls, spooky props/home deco, original art, horror themed cakes/chocolate, and Rubber Gorilla had a stall there who do custom latex masks that are absolutely insane.

Here's a little segment of Cassandra Peterson's Q&A with Bunny Galore, discussing how she chose the name Elvira.

Seemed a bit quiet following the photo ops with Elvira, but thought the general vibe was great, and the costumes I saw while I was there were really fantastic. My only slight criticism is that meeting with the guests seemed very impersonal regardless of what you chose to do (autograph or photograph), would have been nice to have more of a chance to speak to them. Other than that, it was a fantastic day!

Photo by Carl Hadi.

Did any of you lovely folks go to Horrorcon UK this year or have any plans to go to any horror related cons? :)

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