Master Sylvanas Cosplay @ Manchester MCM Expo 2017

Post-MCM post! & round 2 of bringing out Master Sylvanas again.

This year was unexpectedly great, had a lovely time with lovely folks such as my cosplay buddy Hanajima Cosplay (who was dressed as a most fabulous Kusuriuri from Princess Mononoke. Check her IG!). 

Morelia Cosplay in her stunning Master Kael'thas & I.

Some awesome shots from Eddie at Food & Cosplay!

This was also the first time I wore the cosplay with the mask as I thought I would be too hot last time at Majikkon. Unfortunately the bow was too large to take in to the venue, so I didn't bring it. 
One day I will get a shot of this whole cosplay with the bow. One day!

Did any of you attend a con last weekend? :) hope you had a great one! 

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