Ulbandi Inspired Makeup

Recently did a Ulbandi inspired face paint/makeup, as I've been thinking about doing an interpretation of her character for a while (considering I named my cosplay page after her). 

Ulbandi/Fluithiun is a an ogress mentioned in The Book of Lost Tales Part 2, who was written out of the later drafts & not included in the Silmarillion (as Tolkien didn't like the idea of the Vala having children). She was referenced as the mother of Melkor's son, Gothmog, the chief Balrog and captain of Angband. Hence the horns in this look. This look was achieved primarily with black Snazaroo face paint and copious amounts of black NYX Cosmetic's & Collection 2000 eyeliner for any intricate linework.

This is one of very few shots that are on this blog that show my septum piercing, which I had done a while back but forgot to write about. Had it done at Holier Than Thou, and I totally recommend them as I've had no problems with it whatsoever.

Hope you folks have a wonderful weekend! :)

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