Nightmare in Budapest Review ( + Labyrinth of Buda Castle)

It's been a mighty long while since I last reviewed a scare attraction...
And the first time I've ever reviewed one overseas in Europe!

Recently got back from a visit to Budapest, and prior to going decided to scout out if there were any horror attractions there. Which, there was indeed! Nightmare In Budapest is a 'haunted house' scare attraction based in the centre of the city, with multiple different themed rooms (similar to Pasaje del Terror).

Couple of standout features of this attraction were the scare methods - challenges for you to solve with a time limit, all while one member of your group is intimidated/has a weapon slammed closer and closer to them. Not sure I've ever been shrink wrapped before, either.

Oh yes, and they offer short clips of your experience that they upload on to Youtube. ;)

As a permanent year-round attraction, this is one with particularly excellent sets. The mood was set right from the large waiting room. Everything down to the locker room & walking into the toilets was themed with horror film paraphernalia, hanging bodies, drawings on walls.

Inside, there were about 6 or 7 different rooms ranging from being themed around an old style operating theatre/doctor's room with an operating table (complete with corpse), to a UV lit room with a moving wall on one side. All of the rooms were very atmospheric & well decorated, but particularly the dining room and the operating theatre. 

All in all, an excellent scare attraction and if anyone is visiting Budapest who's an avid horror fan, or would simply like to try something alternative to the usual touristy stuff, I'd definitely recommend it.

Another notable attraction in Budapest along the horror attraction lines would be the Labirintus/Labyrinth of Buda Castle which has a significant section of walking the cold, damp, underground passages in total darkness with only a rope to guide you.

There's also the Dracula's Chamber section following that, which made great use of the eerie environment with fx fog and music. Obviously it showed up too dark on my phone to give you a good sense of what it was like in there, but it was absolutely worth a visit. You have the option, if you visit later on in the day, to navigate through the tunnels by lantern.

I'll be compiling a little video of the rest of the trip to mix things up, rather than doing a sprawling post of photos.
Have any of you visited Budapest or know of any other interesting things to see?

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