Mettaton EX Cosplay @ Play Expo Manchester (Oct 2017)

Last weekend I had the privilege of guesting at the North's biggest gaming expo, Play Expo Manchester. As the majority of my cosplays are particularly cumbersome, ominous and lacking in pink, for a change, I decided it would be the best event to get Mettaton EX finished for! 😁

Couple of shots of my stand!

Make up close ups.

I've also put together a little make up video for the Mettaton EX cosplay, since I've not done one in forever. Hopefully helpful, but also perhaps as some Halloween/fancy dress inspo for you lovely folks.

Glamburgers 4 days.

Killer robots and killer clowns. Twisty here is the lovely Andy from Hellbender Studio

With one of our masquerade winners, Warp Raven cosplay.

Sadly didn't really get any shots wandering around, but the event itself was fantastic. Was my first time there, and I'd been meaning to visit for a couple of years since I'd first heard about it. As you can probably gather, the convention's focus is gaming of all kinds - entry gains you a full day of faffing about on retro games, pinball machines, arcade games, VR, tabletop, LAN, indie games, etc. you name it. Would definitely recommend it to any fellow gaming enthusiasts, and I'd love to go again.

This was also my first time guesting at a convention, and as all the people there were absolutely lovely, it was a great experience. The organisers, the staff, cosplayers (inc. everyone who took part in the Cosplay Masquerade), all the folks who came to the stand to say hello, and fellow talented cosplay guests (Corvidae Cosplay Emporium and Deppalike). Was a brilliant opportunity and thank you so much to the organisers for inviting me to guest there. 💜

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