Damnation Festival and Cradle of Filth @ Church Leeds

Damnation and CoF gig post! 

Myself and co-conspirator Kate arrived in Leeds on the night of the Damnation pre-gig. Made some band called Immortal Bird who I managed to briefly record. (also... how aesthetic is this room 😏😂)

Onto Damnation festival itself! Missed this last year so it was great to finally make it (and was a brilliant lineup too) and thrilled to have the chance to see Paradise Lost while there. Was becoming more and more rum infused as the day went on, so apologies for lack of photographs. 

Garb pics.


The first performance of the day we saw after sadly missing Vallenfyre, was Myrkur. Only recently started listening to Myrkur after seeing she would be performing at Damnation, and would absolutely recommend her Mareridt album.

Paradise Lost 💜💜 

(at 90% rum level)

The highlights for me were of course, Myrkur, Paradise Lost, got to see Agent Fresco, Warning, and we witnessed a little bit of the oven that Dying Fetus were performing in downstairs. Bloodbath were however, my favourite set of the evening, they were absolutely immense!


Then there was the Sunday Cradle of Filth gig in a church...

First of all, the venue and setup were awesome. CoF are a band I hadn't listened to regularly in many years, so it was fantastic to see them and also felt like being 13 all over again 

Had the fantastic opportunity to meet the band afterwards (and everyone was so lovely!)

All in all a solid weekend, would definitely recommend everyone I saw live, and Damnation festival as an event. Did any of you folks manage to go to Damnation or see Cradle of Filth this year? 😊

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