Igorrr @ Rebellion Manchester (10.11.17)

Last month I finally got the chance to see Igorrr at the Rebellion Club in Manchester. For those of you who are not already familiar with Igorrr, it is the avant-garde project of Gautier Serre, incorporating genres from death metal to swing, to breakcore, to classical (just to mention some).

Simply put, if someone asks me to recommend the simultaneously weirdest but most awesome music I know, it's Igorrr. Gautier features the extremely talented singers Laurent Lunoir, Laure Le Prunenec, and drummer Sylvain Bouvier in his work, who all perform live with him on tour.

The gig itself was absolutely incredible, having listened to Igorrr for many years it was truly an experience to hear them live. Would totally recommend going to see Gautier & co. perform, fantastic setlist (couldn't believe Excessive Funeral was on there), all the music translated incredibly well into live performance despite some songs being more sample based than others. Another pleasant surprise at this gig was the support act Grave Pleasures, who I'd missed at Damnation due to a clash with Bloodbath.

(Snippet of Grave Pleasures' performance)

Instead of uploading multiple different clips from the gig, this time I've made a compilation of bits of most of the songs performed.

Are any of you lovely folks Igorrr fans?

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