Batushka @ Rebellion Bar, Manchester (13.01.18)

Mystery band was, Batushka! Who we went to see at Rebellion Bar Manchester on Saturday (and were amazingly atmospheric). Everyone I'd spoken to about the band who'd seen them previously said they gave a brilliant live show, and they did not disappoint.

Hailing from Poland, Batushka are a black metal band who incorporate themes of religion, Eastern Orthodox liturgy and so far have only one album, Litourgiya. Best tracks for me are definitely Yekteniya III (Premudrost) & Yekteniya IV (Milost) which respectively correspond to Litany: 3: Wisdom and Litany: 4: Grace, but I would definitely recommend giving the whole album a listen. 

(Intro to Yekteniya III)

The support acts that night were Trepaneringsritualen (a dark ambient/'death industrial' project) and Schammasch (avant-garde/black metal), which I didn't record any of either, unfortunately.

If you're interested in something that goes thematically against the grain of most black metal (inc. a mixture of clean vocals/chants), Batushka might be a band for you, and are definitely worth seeing live.

Have any of you seen any bands recently? :) 

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