Ghoulies Haunted House, Liverpool (Love Bites Event Review)

I only recently became aware of Ghoulies Haunted House on Twitter, a new permanent scare attraction and themed horror bar based in the centre of Liverpool. Decided to visit their Love Bites event, though as some reviews left on Facebook made me a bit apprehensive, we opted for the 'Family Friendly' slot. 😂

Ultimately Ghoulies was what it says on the tin with their tagline, "get grabbed by the ghoulies" - a very hands on approach to scaring. However, it was not over the top, and overall a terrifyingly fun experience. Honestly so pleased to see new scare attractions popping up, particularly in such a central & easily accessible location.

It's been a while since I've been to a scare attraction, so I was nervous enough to struggle appreciating the sets/scare methods in too much detail. Myself and my partner went through alone together, which was great, as it was his first scare attraction. 

A few specific things really stood out. The initial corridors leading down to the Insidious style red door were very creepy, built up a good amount of suspense before you were met with an actor. 

There was a room with seating and a brightly lit frosted window, the metal soundtrack used there was a nice touch (it's always good to see attractions using alternatives to generic horror music). The 'execution' chainsaw scare method used at the end of the maze was... alarmingly funny, and unlike what I've experienced in other attractions so far.

Good amount of actors throughout, and all of them stayed in character really well. There wasn't a moment where you weren't on your toes; you were either being followed, 'strangled', or jumped out on. There was also a segment of animatronics that was actually pretty fantastic. Normally I don't rate them, but because of the strobes & actors, it all worked incredibly. Overall, the attraction was a decent length and all the rooms/sets were atmospheric.

The actor playing the Count Orlok style character really held his own, who was 'leading' us through a good portion of the attraction. Thought his makeup was great.  

Besides the actors, the staff were all super friendly. We stayed in the bar for a drink afterwards, where you can also view other groups going through the attraction via CCTV.

Was great to see how busy it was in both the bar, and with groups going into the attraction. Looking forward to seeing new events & what different themes will be used in future. If you're interested in horror attractions or an alternative night out, I'd definitely recommend Ghoulies Haunted House.


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