Knife Party @ Life In Color, Victoria Warehouse (03.02.2018)

2018 continues on with finally seeing bands/musicians/DJs after many years of listening to them. Following the weekend of Feb 3rd, the amazing electro house duo Knife Party are crossed off the list.

Knife Party had an hour long set at the Life in Colour event based at Victoria Warehouse, alongside Sigma, Blasterjaxx, Vini Vici, and DJ Chuckie to name some. 

DJ Chuckie.

Blasterjaxx's set was the second one we saw.

Sigma was definitely on a tie as best set of the night, mainly as I had little to no expectations of them, along with Blasterjaxx (who get a special mention for including "I'm in Love with the Coco", much to my partner's dismay).

That being said, Knife Party were amazing to see live. The only downside is how anticlimactic some of the drops ended up being, with mashups of new and older style Knife Party.  Replacing the drops of old dubstep/'complextro' style Knife Party songs with new minimalistic style hollow drops? Didn't go down too well (haw haw) for someone who's not a massive fan of the entirety of Abandon Ship, but it was still a great experience all the same. Power Glove sounded incredible.

Would I recommend the event itself? Unfortunately no. The music was great, but the organisation made blaring issues of things that a simple email to customers/better planning in general, could have easily solved. 😊 

The queuing system was a bit of a mess. My main bugbear however, was the fact customers weren't clearly informed before the event about a deposit for pre-purchased lockers. As once you are inside the venue, you are then not allowed out to withdraw cash, and the only ATMs in the venue have a withdrawal fee. Not a great surprise to be getting on the night.

That aside, it was a great night of music overall. After Knife Party, we stayed for a bit of Vini Vici before admitting defeat and going home.


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