Greetings. I am Twisted, supervaudevillain evil clown planning to conquer the world of creative arts. 

Abigail, the daylight hours entity, exists as a dark lord, artist, MUA, photography dabbler and cosplayer.

As pictured above, I have taken part in MCM Expo's October masquerade in London in 2014 and 2015. Cosplay and costuming is something I have recently progressed into, and am extremely passionate about creating immersive art through all mediums; bringing fantasy to life.

 Previously I was a team member of the fantastic Dr Sketchy's Anti Art School York, where I collaborated to create and organise themed live drawing classes. This was including Alice in Undieland, Sketchy's Greatest Show on Earth, Sketchy's Supervillains, and Dr Sketchy's York Narnia. Several of these events I did make up art work and modelled for, as well as sourced music, materials, made props, networked events, and designed posters.

My illustrations have been featured in Circulation Magazine (May 2014 issue), Hardzine (April 2015) issue, and I have also had work exhibited in the Norman Rea Gallery's Youth Exhibition.

My MUA work has been featured on the May 2013 Flickr blog ("Loaded with Red Colours"), the British Library's exhibit on Goth Subculture, the Guardian online, Metro, Buzzfeed's 33 Creepy Hallowen make up ideas, and been part of a feature in the York Press for City Screen York's opening of Into the Woods.

You can find my creative work on these sites -

Review blog

Please feel free to contact me through any of these mediums if you have any questions or would be interested in collaborating with me! 

On this blog you will find many posts on inspiration and all aspects of life; things I create, do, see and experience while leaving a spree of carnage and purple glitter behind me.

My main goals in life are;

to travel the world
cosplay all of my favourite characters (mostly villains),
create many artistic things,
be happy,
make people smile,
meet as many awesome people as possible (particularly Tiffany HBIC Pollard and Tim Curry),
eat lots of cheesecake
go on all the rollercoasters there are
complete the Karnaval Bergaris Mata series of work (some of which I have already posted on this blog),
work in media makeup, behind the scenes on film sets/or create my own scare attraction,
and go on a road trip around America, visiting & reviewing all the ace scare attractions there. 

Speaking in third person, Twisted the Clown, who I've based a lot of original art around, is my alter ego. She sometimes crawls out of my eyes at night.

A black and white stripe wearing, white eyed, purple barnet-ed psychopath with a penchant for eye themed everything. Also an avid head collector, when she isn't sewing up costumes for her circus (Zirkus Der Augen). Heads are a necessity to alleviate the toil of lonely nightmare circus life. She travelled with the Karnaval Bergaris Mata (a carnival comparable to limbo, residing on the nightmare plane. Usually accessed by drug induced comas or near death experiences) until it's mysterious disappearance in 1994. The rest of the Karnaval members vanished along with it, however Twisted re emerged several years later.

On one side of her face you will clearly notice she is missing her cheek, revealing most of her teeth. Which, she will not expand upon the origin of the wound, apart from the fact she attempted to crudely stitch it back together herself.

Apart from that, she's been around since the 1830's. She is quite supernatural and can absorb people into eye shaped, blinking portals called Sicht-Portals (German for sight portals) which transports them to a freakish dimension controlled by her mind. Aside from all that, she can be quite unnerving most of the time. I've seen her make carnival bunting out of peoples faces.

Anyway... many thanks for reading all this! It was a pleasure to make your acquaintance & of course I would always love to hear from you. Feel free to look under your bed to have a quick chat with me whenever the urge strikes.